Charles Dickens’s Inner Child

January 5, 2012

Vanity Fair February 2012
By Christopher Hitchens

Those who study Charles Dickens, or who keep up the great cult of his admiration, had been leading a fairly quiet life until a few years ago. The occasional letter bobs to the surface, or a bit of reminiscence is discovered, or perhaps some fragment of a souvenir from his first or second American tour.

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Anonymous said...

I still can't come to terms that Hitch is gone. I come to this site as if another article he wrote will pop up, and then the Vanity Fair article comes up almost as if he is still alive. Then I read the article and realize his thoughts truly are timeless and his spirit didn't die. Like Dickens and Dostoyevksy, Hitch will also live on. I am off to pour myself a glass of Johnny Walker Black and wipe of the dust from the Old Curiosity Shop and Brothers Karamazov. Happy reading to everyone and happy new year:)

Mary said...

Thank you to VF and Daily Hitchens for this posthumous posting. It is greatly appreciated.

andrea said...

I think about him everyday and act like he's here and writing. It's alot
like driving to the cemetery and
realizing that they are gone, and it
hurts again. He was an Oxford Education without ever leaving your
computer. What a loss too all.
Andrea Kelly

andrea said...

I truly wish to read/ hear his voice
on a daily basis. My goodness what
an effect he has had on my life and
in a relatively short period. What the world has lost...RIP Christopher
and thank you. Andrea Kelly

Peter said...

Ironic that the power and clarity of Hitchen's thoughts and words, do indeed prove quite a powerful life after death.


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir