Christopher Hitchens vs Tariq Ramadan - Is Islam a Religion of Peace? 1/10

October 30, 2010

UPDATE: Watch/Download the debate on Internet Archive. Notice the play order of the videos

October 5, 2010. 92nd Street Y, New York.

Part 1

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Christopher Hitchens On Suffering, Beliefs And Dying

"I'm here as a product of process of evolution, which doesn't make very many exceptions. And which rates life relatively cheaply."

Christopher Hitchens interviewed on NPR. Listen here.

Can Civilization Survive Without God?

A Conversation with Christopher and Peter Hitchens

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life invited brothers Christopher and Peter Hitchens to address the question of whether civilization needs God.

City Lights: Billings blessed with spectacle of mix of beliefs

October 28, 2010

By Ed Kemmick.

"A journalist, author, critic and debater, Hitchens is one of those distinctly British intellectuals who seems to have read everything and forgotten nothing. In his columns, essays and books, in his speeches and impromptu public appearances, he is incapable of uttering or writing a boring sentence."
Read article here. (Billings Gazette)

Fixed Point Foundation
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Iraq Through Night-Vision Goggles

October 25, 2010

As we digest the WikiLeaks revelations, a new book
offers the soldiers' perspective.
By Christopher Hitchens

"For anybody of my generation, the term body count possesses
a reek of association that will never quite be dispelled."
Read More (Slate)

'My life is my writing ... my children come later'

October 23, 2010

Sonia Verma, Globe and Mail. Published October 22, 2010.

“I'd have to say, not to be a hypocrite, that my life is my writing before it's anything. Because that's who I am and my children come later and that's what they've had to put up with,” he says. Read interview here.

Nov. 4: An Evening with Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Prothero

October 22, 2010

The Jewish Center
Are the Ten Commandments Still Relevant? Featuring: Christopher Hitchens, Stephen Prothero, Samuel G. Freedman, and David Hazony.

Register Here. Seating is limited.

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A friendly debate

October 20, 2010

From Fixed Point: Due to technical difficulties at the event location, the live stream of this debate was canceled. We apologize for the inconvenience. Plans are already underway to provide a screening and/or online stream of the full event in the near future. Check back soon for details.

BILLINGS - A casual spectator would never have thought the two men debating in "God or No God" at the packed Babcock Theater in Billings Tuesday night would be friends.

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An Unlikely Friendship

October 19, 2010

Pre-debate clip with Hitchens and Taunton
Full Story (

STREAMING LIVE: God or No God? - A Debate

Watch free live stream of the debate on the Fixed Point website. 8 pm CST. More info.

Hezbollah's Progress

October 18, 2010

How the Party of God became Lebanon's most powerful faction.
By Christopher Hitchens

"Writing from southern Lebanon in the mid-to-late 1970s, during the continuing war of attrition between Israel and the PLO and at a time when the country's long-relegated Shiite minority was just beginning to get itself organized, I noticed the presence of an almost unremarked token force of Iranian troops."  Read More (Slate)

Hitchens/Blair Debate - MORE TICKETS!

October 15, 2010

Everyone, log on to and sign the petition. Do it right away to give the organizers time to relocate the event and to release more tickets for this debate. Remember, it has happened before. Hitchens' debates have been relocated due to great demand, so this is absolutely possible.

You could also email the organizers at

Hitchens brothers debate over whether civilization can survive without God. (Clip)

October 13, 2010

Christopher and Peter, Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion and Public life, Oct 12, 2010

Link to CNN Belief Blog

Listen to "Hitchens Brothers Agree to Disagree over God. (3 min 50 sec)

Christopher and Peter Hitchens debate religion against brutal backdrop

By Michelle Boorstein

Sitting before a highly unusual forum at the Pew Research Center this afternoon were the provocateur atheist writer Christopher Hitchens, thinned and bald from ongoing chemotherapy, and his brother, Peter, a journalist and devout Christian. The brothers have had a largely estranged, cold relationship but had agreed to a gentle debate on the subject about which they both have recently published books -- God.

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Christopher Hitchens and Tony Blair to debate Religion

October 12, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010. 7 pm.
Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto, Canada.

“This debate is not about the existence of God,” says Rudyard Griffiths, co-director and moderator of the Munk Debates. “We have asked Mr. Blair and Mr. Hitchens to wrestle with the more immediate question facing developed and developing nations: Is religion a force for peace or conflict in the modern world?”

More info:

The Politicians We Deserve

October 11, 2010

What normal person would put up with the inane indignities of the electoral process?

By Christopher Hitchens

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October 8, 2010

By Christopher Hitchens

Peach pits, open chakras, macrobiotic diets: cancer patients get more unsolicited advice than they could possibly follow. Cutting-edge medicine seems to offer limitless options, too—until the author runs smack into the lethal idiocy of the godly opponents of stem-cell research.

Read more (Vanity Fair, November 2010)

Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

October 7, 2010

9 min. clip from the Hitchens - Ramadan debate: Is Islam a Religion of Peace? Moderated by Laurie Goodstein. October 5, 2010 at the 92nd Street Y

Coming up..

October 4, 2010

CH on DUTV: "Part one of a two-part interview with author and journalist Christopher Hitchens will air on Tuesday, October 5 at 8 p.m., repeating Saturday, October 9 and Sunday, October 10 at 10 a.m. DUTV can be seen throughout Philadelphia on Comcast Cable channel 54 and in West Philadelphia on channel 62. On the University City Main Campus, DUTV can be seen on channel 33."

Oct 5, 6pm, Live via satellite, Christopher Hitchens and Tariq Ramadan: “Is Islam a religion of peace?”

Not So Hidden Influences

Is it so offensive to note the effectiveness of the Jewish lobby?

By Christopher Hitchens

"I wasted a little time before writing this article, to see if I could produce a satire or a parody. This would have consisted of a fundraising letter from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to a potential donor."


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir