(1/8) Is There An Afterlife? Christopher Hitchens vs Shmuley Boteach

December 19, 2010

Christopher Hitchens debated Rabbi Shmuley at Cooper Union, New York on Thursday, September 16, 2010.

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Free Speech / Off Topic added

Some DH visitors seem to have an urge to post and express themselves quite off topic to published posts. I've added a comment box where these views can be posted. So, stay on topic when commenting on posts, if you have something else to say, there's this comment box for that. It's a free speech box, so don't bother complaining on possible provocative or insulting comments. It's your choice if you want to go there.
Every now and then one stumbles upon non Hitchens material that one would like to share. A box like this is the appropriate place.
I don't know if this will catch on but it'll be an option for a while, if no comments are posted, I'll simply remove it.


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir