Don't Be an Ass About Airport Security

November 29, 2010

The enemy is inventive and imaginative. Our response is neither.
By Christopher Hitchens

"I did not pay any attention to last week's feeble-minded attempt at a civilian-sponsored go-slow at airport security checkpoints. When the best that the children of a revolution can do for the defense of their inalienable protection against unwarranted search and seizure is to issue the pathetic moan, "Don't touch my junk," a low point of humiliation has been reached."
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In Search of the Washington Novel

A colorful genre awaits its masterpiece.

By Christopher Hitchens

Fiction about the nation’s capital is a growth that flourishes only on the lower slopes of Parnassus. Think of the flower of our novelists—Updike, Mailer, Roth, Cheever, Bellow—and see if you can call to mind a single scene that is set on the banks of the Potomac.
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Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir