Divine Impulses: Christopher Hitchens on preparing for life, and death (1/5)

September 20, 2010

CH talks to On Faith's Sally Quinn. A week long series with Hitchens.
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From the N-Word to Code Words

The evolution of the race card in American politics.

By Christopher Hitchens

"At the beginning of the summer, my conservative friend David Frum made a joking remark that stayed with me. The evolution of right-wing abuse of President Barack Obama, he said, was not unlike the evolution of American pornography."

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To Pray Or Not To Pray

Pray for me? Christopher Hitchens?
By Christopher Hitchens
"Even the nicest and most caring religious people are often unaware of quite how rude they are being."   Read more. (The Washington Post)
Atheist Hitchens skipping prayer day in his honor.
By Jay Reeves (Associated Press)



Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir