Christopher Hitchens debates Barry Brummett, Part 1

September 20, 2011

Debate between Christopher Hitchens and Dr. Barry Brummett (Chair, Department of Communication Studies, University of Texas at Austin) on the resolution "Religion has been a positive force in culture," June 4, 2011.

In Defense of Endless War

As 9/11 showed, civilization has enemies with which peace is neither possible nor desirable.
By Christopher Hitchens

A continuous and repetitive thread in the commentary on the decade since 9/11—one might almost call it an endless and open-ended theme—was the plaintive observation that the struggle against al-Qaida and its surrogates is somehow a "war without end."

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Think Inc Update

We have just received word from Christopher Hitchens' management.

He had a medical emergency over the weekend but is now back at home and is doing ok, all things considered. He was not available to communicate before this morning. He is quite upset that he missed this event as he has never had to cancel at the very last minute before.



Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir