Last post and closing remarks

January 8, 2013

Time has come to publish the last post on this site. I've been posting links and articles for three years, and it's been great. I always felt my thing, the purpose of the site, was to share and post the very latest on Hitchens, especially upcoming events. He is no longer with us, so, there won't be anymore books, essays, talks or debates by the contrarian to link to. If I don't have the motivation to frequently look for news,events and articles, why bother, I ask myself. Why not call it a day? Perhaps I should've done it months ago, but it's been hard to let go.

As said, it's been great, but I don't want to leave doubts about the future of this site. People still visit DH and many wonder if there will be new posts. No, there won't. I'm telling you this because I don't want to waste anyone's time. I want to thank everyone who has visited, hopefully you've had some use of the site. I'm also glad Hitchens visited DH, he called it 'useful'. 

Daily Hitchens will stay online as an archive. The news feeds will continue to provide Hitch related writings, but I don't control them, only by keyword. Comments are no longer moderated, and I won't be tweeting. I'll remain admin of the facebook page, but there won't be links shared in Hitchens' name. The Daily Hitchens facebook page has been and remains inactive, I haven't had much use of it other than for admin purposes. The forum requires membership these days, due to spam.

I leave you with Hitchens' closing remarks from the William Dembski debate. Poetic..inspiring..
Thanks, and all the best to everyone.


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir