An Evening with Christopher Hitchens

January 20, 2011

UPDATE II: September 2011
A trove of previously uncollected works, Arguably chronicles the moods and modes of Christopher Hitchens through his own, masterful prose.
UPDATE: ARGUABLY: Selected Essays, by Christopher Hitchens
February 2011
Spanning four decades, ARGUABLY collects Christopher Hitchens' finest essays, literary criticism and journalism in one volume for the first.

Lauren at Thoughts Thought Out posted about her visit to Washington D.C. last month and her chat with Christopher. Read her post here.

CH tells her “I just finished writing a book.."
Anyone heard or read anything on what book that would be? She doesn't have the details. Last year he said he'd re-chisel the Ten Commandments and publish a book. Could that be it? Sure, we'll know soon but we are a bit curious, aren't we?


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir