Hitchens' memoir to be published early next year

December 16, 2011

Entitled Mortality and based on his columns for Vanity Fair, Christopher Hitchens' final memoir will be published by Atlantic in the new year.

The forthcoming memoir will be based on the essays, said Atlantic Books, and will be called Mortality. The book had been planned for some time, said a spokesperson.



Bill Planey said...

Just like Asimov, working up the last breath. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I feel quite devastated about what Hitch had to go thru in his last months. I hope writing served as an opiate of sorts. I hope he received all the support he wished for. I wish I knew more about his last days.

Damn cigarettes and booze.

scully said...

Like Hitch, I'm 62, a smoker and drinker. Just quit smoking because a young relative suffers from throat cancer; a lifelong non-smoker. Go figure. Anyway, Hitch continues on in my mind as I continual to reread his memoirs & VF & Slate essays. Thank you Hitch.

Anonymous said...

So, there is to be more...

Having learned Hitchens was dead, I finally read "Hitch-22".

Essentially an exercise in paltry name-dropping, the memoir is a true stylistic disappointment.

If there is now to be a continuation, there always remains the possibility that I should read it.

I just hope, if and when name-dropping goes forth, that the editors would this time oversee the spelling of non-English names and quotations!

Hardly one is correct in the present memoir, which therefore seems to me infuriatingly parochial (and imperialist).

To name just one example (of, literally, hundreds): the leading Lisbon daily A Republica is cavalierly named as "La Repubblica" - this in a name-dropping memoir that one is invited to take seriously...

Kim Peter said...

How extraordinary that the above should have occasioned no comments!

The slapdash treatment of facts quashes any credibility the author, and his editor, might otherwise have had.

Or is it OK for self-indulgent "Anglos" to despise all names that are not English?


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir