One Year On

December 16, 2012

Richard Dawkins Foundation: In Memoriam: Christopher Hitchens, 1949–2011

'Why Evolution Is True' remembers Hitchens:
Christopher Hitchens died a year ago today—it seems longer, doesn’t it?—and of course nobody has emerged to fill the vast lacuna he left. His rhetorical skills were unmatchable. Read more

So does the Paleolibrarian: "..Thank you Hitch for having balls to challenge ignorance and stand your ground." Read more

And Salman Rushdie: Christopher Hitchens died a year ago today. I still think of him every day.


Anonymous said...

How frustrating it is to watch the silly clowns at "The Young Turks" to blather on about things they do not understand, yet are very sure about. It's exactly this kind of partisan hacks and sheepish group-thinkers that Hitchens was most opposed to. Of course this defies their political categories: while they lump people together due to some "us vs. them" logic based on mushy feelings and the latest dogma, The Hitch was a man of iron principles, ready to defend them, not caring what "trend" this bunch of polit-posers currently believed in. To be liked by this kind of dummies is the worst thing that can happen to an honest man.

Tripelkonzert said...

I have yet to read a compelling argument against Hitchens position on the second Iraq war. He has provided plenty of good arguments why it was right to engage in the conflict, whilst the Anti-War movement admire themselves for blabbering platitudes and populist propaganda. The unimaginable horrors Saddam has put on those under his rule made our involvement not only justified but morally necessary. Thanks to Christopher Hitchens for providing more clarity aroud this issue.

Starrunnerixs72@yahoo.comm said...

Hitch lived his life as he orated and defended it .. Whilst truth may be the perception of the masses and we as finite beings tend to blindly take comfort in supernatural nonsense and afterlife.. Deep in the hearts of any sane logical and Critical thinking person from the pope I daresay to the lay believer ..I think they know the truth but refuses to see it en masse but there are doubts.. I hope people like Dawkins and hitchens arise every minute in this plane to set us straight as I am sure two hundred years from now they would all be laughing at our stupid beliefs.. I will miss u you hitchens.. You are a great human being!!!
And a lesson to all other .. Educate yourself and be critical thinkers!!

Unknown said...

Such a terrible loss ; even now I miss his voice and presence leading us to reason.


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir