Missing Hitchens

June 13, 2012

Vanity Fair Slideshow July 2012

Family, friends, and esteemed colleagues gathered to celebrate the life and career of award-winning journalist Christopher Hitchens at the Cooper Union Foundation Building, in New York City.



Anonymous said...

Nice pics...seems like sort of a random collection of people they photographed, though. Maybe I'm wrong?

fuckthetaliban said...

not really all that random. Basically, anyone who wasn't a hardcore leftist in the hitchens appreciation society wasn't allowed. When hitch died, the old oxford crowd circled around his corpse like vultures 'roud a dead hyena. But they can't take away the fact that he told the nation idiots to go shove it. They can't rewrite history, much as they'd like to

Anonymous said...

I miss him terribly.
The past few weeks I’ve had a chance to watch several of his most notable debates over the past years. Until his end, he continued to outclass, out-think, and out-debate his rivals.
The loss of his existence and voice has left a chasm in humanity.


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir