Hitchens memoir delayed to September

January 16, 2012

Publication of Christopher Hitchens' last book Mortality, originally scheduled for April, has been put back to the autumn.

The title, a collection of essays on death first published in Vanity Fair, will now appear in September.

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Mistymumbles said...

And I thought April was a long time to wait. Never mind, I know it'll be worth it

Anonymous said...

Good things come to those who wait. I hope they dig up some interesting essays that haven't been published yet. While I lament the loss of Mr. Hitchens, I am hoping that his death will stir his agent and publisher's interest in putting out some of his unreleased works. I have read interviews where his friends talk about a couple books he completed, but never published. One was a book of literary criticism, another was a work on the crimes of the Reagan years. If I can find these articles again I will most them here.

I hope we can continue to look forward to many more from his hidden stash.

Michael said...

Does anyone have any insight on whether this is just a collection of the Vanity Fair essays, or if it will have some additional unreleased Hitchens material?

I ask this because I recall seeing a preview for the book that implied there would be additional writing beyond the Vanity Fair essays.

Much appreciated.

John Nazelrod said...

Always look forward to anything Mr. Hitchens produced. We are left with a wealth of knowledge.

Mary said...

Thanks for the update. Appreciate your continued postings. Looking forward to the book

Anonymous said...

Michael, I understand that Mortality will include all of the Vanity Fair essays, plus some other unreleased material. I'm hoping they will add enough supplemental material to make it a longish work. I would also like to know what his very last essay was.

Michael said...

Thanks for that Anonymous.

Agree with you on the supplemental material, any undiscovered Hitchens essays would be great.

Wasn't his last essay the one in Vanity Fair on Dickens?

Anonymous said...

Where is the one he wrote on Chesterton that Ian McKwan talked about?

Anonymous said...

Michael, yes his last VF essay was on Dickens. He has a book on Proust that is probably 95% complete, if not finished.

I am also hoping for a Hitch bio written by McEwan or another good author. I would love to hear about his life from another perspective.

Anonymous said...

I loved the guy, and I'm a believing Christian. It was his breadth of literary knowledge and fearless advocacy, as well as his unappreciated physical courage
(even by himself) that demand respect. The world is diminished when I can't look forward to his latest verbal projectile. Irreplacable. He was in the best sense a "public intellectual" and his comdemnation of tyranny in all senses (like the feminist clarion "the personal is political") will live on.


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir