A lesson from Hitch: When rudeness is called for

December 19, 2011

By Dan Dennett

I’ve just been reviewing my experiences with Christopher Hitchens. He informed me, entertained me, provoked me like nobody else, and I will miss his antic spirit more than I can say. I didn’t know him for long, though I’d been reading his pieces, with mixed reactions, for years. We met in early 2007, and had dinner in Las Vegas, where we were both appearing in an Amazing Randi meeting. He kindled a happy bonfire of discussion that continued intermittently in meetings and emails.

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del said...

hi does anyone know where hitchens final resting place will be or is his body getting cremeted??

Dave said...

Great article, 1 regret in my life is that I never met the man.

Anonymous said...

Great question. I haven't heard anything on whether there will be a memorial service, where he will be buried, etc. Does anyone know? Thanks. I want to pay my respects in person if possible.

Anonymous said...

So the Hitchens challenge stood.

There is no moral action or ethical statement made by a religious nut that could not be replicated by a stark nonbeliever


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir