Hitch isn’t done yet

October 9, 2011

PZ Myers reports from the Texas Freethought Convention

"Christopher Hitchens was granted the Richard Dawkins Award tonight at the Texas Freethought Convention. He was looking frail and thin, his voice was husky, but he was amazingly strong."

Dawkins and Hitchens on stage: http://yfrog.com/hw2knvwj


Anonymous said...

I had my own kind of "religious " experience this evening. Dawkins and Hutchins a few feet away. I could have listened to Hitchens all night long. Life was great today! Stacy W

Anonymous said...

Why will Bashir the fascist of Sudan likely to outlive the Price of Reason - my brother Christopher? Because God exists! Only in the presence of an unjust deity would this happen.


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir