American Atheists 2011 Convention Update

April 12, 2011

"CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS (Canceled due to health problems -- Mr. Hitchens will write an original letter to be read at the convention.)"

Dave Silverman, President of American Atheists: Hitchens can't make the convention even by video. He will (hopefully) be writing a statement to be read instead. I am very sad that such a lovely light is growing so dim.



1984 said...

Hang in there. God needs loyal opponents..

Doug Philips said...

@ Off-grid Safe to say that Hitch would prefer a toast of Johnny Black in his honor to prayer, and he is well read on Spinoza.

That being said. Hang tough Hitch. Legions of us think about you, read you, watch you, and scour the web for info on your condition on a daily basis.

Peter said...

Ben, can you link to that piece?

The immediate thought is that his condition must be worsening and that the new treatment is unable to stop the tumours from growing. Or it could be due to passing problems like the convention not fitting his schedule of medication. We don't know.

We can hope for things to improve and for him to stay around for several more years, let us think of him for what he is: alive. The only people who should be talked about as dead are those already dead.

We do know things are not too well with him and I think we may not see or hear him a few months from now, but I too hope for good news.

Happy brithday Christopher,I sending my best hopes to you.

Off-grid said...

In our prayers Hitch. Godspeed brother.

Hard truth said...

It seems the great one may have given his last great speech

Off-grid said...

Hitchens should take the time to read some Baruch Spinoza.

Ben said...

It may also be that he is losing his voice. I read in Lynn Barber's piece that he thinks one of his vocal chords has 'gone'. It would be terrible to lose that golden voice so I hope I'm wrong.

Gary said...

Hopefully he is lying and just cancelled because tomorrow is his birthday! ;-)

We are thinking about you Hitch!

No one matter what, we will multiply in numbers!

Too bad you won't be here to see the movement you started!

Happy early birthday Mr. Hitchens!

Tom DH said...

We don't know if he's scheduled for treatment that day or what's going on. Better to wait for more info.

Eric Wood said...

This doesn't sound good at all.


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir