Part Two. Christopher Hitchens on ABC1 Lateline.

November 18, 2010

In this second part Christopher Hitchens talks about his public life, battles and some of the events in recent history which led to his break with the left.

Part two, 2 videos
Play entire interview (4 videos)


bigjohn756 said...

Where can we watch this interview in its entirety? Both of these videos end abruptly in mid word.

Anonymous said...

Worked fine for me. Both interviews are in 2 parts. (4 clips total)

Tom said...

A couple of articles on the Dembski debate

Apparently the debate is archived and available on Nov 22.

Tom said...

What's this about?:
"Next Monday (22 Nov 2010) is another fantasy #qanda.
On this week's panel Christopher Hitchens ( and Australia's future Queen, Kate Middleton ("

Fantasy qanda?

Laker said...

Thanks for this website. And thanks for posting the interview - Hitch is a class act. as always.

bigjohn756 said...

Well, I thought that each part was divided into two, but I couldn't find the second parts of either part. I shall persevere.

Tom said...

Hitch-Demb links:


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir