The End Is Nigh !

May 20, 2010 least for The Daily Hitchens YouTube Channel. I received my second copyright strike in a short time and was informed that "A single additional claim against your account will result in the termination of your account". These claims seem to be genuine, one for the Bill Maher interview in March and one from Emory. What to do now? With 558 Hitchens videos on YT I feel that the 3rd strike is inevitable. I could stop uploading videos and hope my account won't be terminated. I could continue uploading and hope I won't get more strikes, which I'll do. Why have a Hitchens channel if I can't upload his material? At this point I don't think it matters what I do, the account is coming to an end. This will affect the Daily Hitchens site as well. Most videos are embedded from the DH YT channel and thus won't work on the site. When this happens I'll lose most of my archive but I'll start posting embedded videos from other sources to continue DH. It's not the end of the world losing an YT account. The only thing I'd miss are the great, funny, clever, thought provoking, outrageous, interesting, stupid, intelligent comments on the YT videos. These are delivered to my mailbox and I read them all. Well, we'll see what happens. I just thought I warn you if this happens and you can't find my YT channel. Tom


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir