Christopher Hitchens on ABC1 Lateline. Part One

November 17, 2010

CH talks to Tony Jones about living with cancer and not seeing any valid reason to change his beliefs close to death.

Part one, 2 videos.


Tom said...

Dembski - Hitchens debate webcast:

What a great interview.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the Dembski webcast. I'm going to be out when it's on. Can anyone record it and upload?

You will be able to grab it with the Stream Transport program.

Anonymous said...

Touching interview.

Anonymous said...

I am getting sick of hearing these interviewers asking the same damn questions: "What do you think of those who are praying for you?"

This is the 4th interview in which this fatuous question is asked. Ask something new. To wit:

Do you think that your fondness for the American idea has allowed you to ignore (or at least minimize) the horrendous crimes it visits upon its own citizens; for example the 3 million in prison (largely drug crimes); the systemic underfunding of poor/black children's schooling [see: Jonathan Kozol]; and other barbaric shit that targets the marginalized?

I do this very thing vis-a-vis Cuba, cuz I think it's a noble revolution etc etc- so I kinda gloss over their crimes. So, I just think that Hitchens ought to be asked about this-- cuz he seems to ignore the inherent criminality of American capitalism -- and he has no excuse since he has read more Marx than I have... anyway, that is a much more interesting question than the prayer carp...

Viva El Hitchens! xoxoxo

Tyler said...

One can't help but be enthralled by Hitchens' moments of melancholy. Stunningly good interview.

prashanth said...

get well soon Christopher.

Anonymous said...

As pertaining to the Dembski - Hitchens debate, I appreciate Tom's link.

The closing prayer was offered to the Christian god ironically, "Father, we thank you for confusing us. . ."

It was apparent that Dembski had done his homework on Hitchens' typical arguments, and responses to such, but it was torture to listen to Dembski bring up Hitchens' arguments, as if to beat him to the punchline, only to take the beating with the weapons he placed in Hitchens' hand.

Dembski: "Hitchens likes to say this and that and blah blah blah."

Hitchens: "Ah, you've handed me the whip. How would you like the beating?"

It's good to see Hitchens in seemingly good spirits. I'm not sure if it's the illness, or if Hitchens was simply being kind because of the young indoctrinated audience to whom he was speaking, but he seemed less sharp and a bit less heavy with the club during the debate.

Duncan said...

Tony Jones is a smart guy and a decent interviewer, but such a bloody Hitchens sycophant. It's almost embarrassing.

Unknown said...

Hitch looks better here than he has in recent weeks. Hope this is a good sign!

Laker said...

Duncan, it's painfully obvious that you checked your humanity at the door before making that comment. You have all the compassion of a sack of manure.

HJ said...

Duncan, it's painfully obvious that you checked your humanity at the door before making that comment. You have all the compassion of a sack of manure.

No I agree with Duncan this Tony Jones guy is always interviewing Hitchens and always throws softballs. In fact, I think Hitchens hasn't had any difficult interviews for a long time now I can't think of the last time that he was grilled on his views and anyway, isn't Hitchens a journalist. Who does Hitchens interview these days?


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