Last post and closing remarks

January 8, 2013

Time has come to publish the last post on this site. I've been posting links and articles for three years, and it's been great. I always felt my thing, the purpose of the site, was to share and post the very latest on Hitchens, especially upcoming events. He is no longer with us, so, there won't be anymore books, essays, talks or debates by the contrarian to link to. If I don't have the motivation to frequently look for news,events and articles, why bother, I ask myself. Why not call it a day? Perhaps I should've done it months ago, but it's been hard to let go.

As said, it's been great, but I don't want to leave doubts about the future of this site. People still visit DH and many wonder if there will be new posts. No, there won't. I'm telling you this because I don't want to waste anyone's time. I want to thank everyone who has visited, hopefully you've had some use of the site. I'm also glad Hitchens visited DH, he called it 'useful'. 

Daily Hitchens will stay online as an archive. The news feeds will continue to provide Hitch related writings, but I don't control them, only by keyword. Comments are no longer moderated, and I won't be tweeting. I'll remain admin of the facebook page, but there won't be links shared in Hitchens' name. The Daily Hitchens facebook page has been and remains inactive, I haven't had much use of it other than for admin purposes. The forum requires membership these days, due to spam.

I leave you with Hitchens' closing remarks from the William Dembski debate. Poetic..inspiring..
Thanks, and all the best to everyone.

One Year On

December 16, 2012

Richard Dawkins Foundation: In Memoriam: Christopher Hitchens, 1949–2011

'Why Evolution Is True' remembers Hitchens:
Christopher Hitchens died a year ago today—it seems longer, doesn’t it?—and of course nobody has emerged to fill the vast lacuna he left. His rhetorical skills were unmatchable. Read more

So does the Paleolibrarian: "..Thank you Hitch for having balls to challenge ignorance and stand your ground." Read more

And Salman Rushdie: Christopher Hitchens died a year ago today. I still think of him every day.

Carol Blue answers questions

November 18, 2012

Carol Blue, the widow of author Christopher Hitchens, answered viewer questions submitted via Twitter, Facebook.

Watch it here (

Authors on Christopher Hitchens

Martin Amis, Carol Blue, Cary Goldstein, and Robert Weil discussed Christopher Hitchens' book Mortality. This event took place at the 2012 Miami Book Fair International held November 11-18, 2012 on the campus of Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida.

Watch it here (

Piers Morgan interviews Carol Blue

November 16, 2012

Tom Cook has a thread on reddit where you can remember Hitchens, and what he meant to you.

It's time to give Christopher Hitchens a statue

October 31, 2012

By James Bloodworth

During his lifetime many of the late Christopher Hitchens’s most vociferous critics were former allies from the political left. How, it was asked, could a once radical polemicist have become a cheerleader for the neo-conservative project to remake the world?

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Bill Donohue Debates Christopher Hitchens: Part 1

October 26, 2012


Part 2
Part 3

Labour politician threatens to quit if bust to ‘pro-war’ journalist Christopher Hitchens goes up in Red Lion Square

LABOUR councillors are blocking plans to honour campaigning journalist Christopher Hitchens with a statue, with one of them branding the late writer as a “pro-war Islamophobe”. A trail of emails leaked to the New Journal show a sharp exchange between the British Humanist Association (BHA), which wants the statue to be erected in Red Lion Square, Holborn, and politicians representing the ward.

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Hitchens' last days

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
"Carol Blue, Christopher Hitchens' widow, talks candidly about her husband's dying days."

Watch here (

Graydon Carter & Carol Blue on Christopher Hitchens

Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair, & Carol Blue, widow of Christopher Hitchens, on “Mortality” a series of essays Hitchens wrote for Vanity Fair while undergoing treatment for cancer. 

Watch it here (

An afterword to the life of Christopher Hitchens

October 15, 2012

Carol Blue, Christopher Hitchens' widow, talks about his legacy, his illness and life without him.

Listen here. (

What Sort of People are the Christopher Hitchens Fan Club?

October 2, 2012

By Peter Hitchens

I can’t really claim that I never notice the extraordinarily spiteful attacks on me which come from one particular quarter. They're almost impossible to miss. Some of them are on Twitter. Others arrive here directly. Others surface in various places on the Internet. Those responsible claim to be admirers of my late brother, Christopher.

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Carol Blue on Q

September 21, 2012

The iconoclast Christopher Hitchens loved life and delighted in "doing and thinking and writing all the things that he had always done, up until the very end," says his widow, Carol Blue.
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This year’s LENNONONO GRANT FOR PEACE recipients are:


Carol Blue On Mourning And 'Mortality'

September 13, 2012

Talk of the Nation.
Carol Blue, Hitchens' wife of 20 years, interviewed on NPR by Neal Conan.

Listen here. (30 min.)


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir