Hitchens debates James Cuno on the fate of the Parthenon Marbles, 2009

February 27, 2010

Christopher debates James Cuno, the president and director of the Art Institute of Chicago and author of "Who Owns Antiquity?: Museums and the Battle over Ancient Heritage. via pbs.org

Michael Graham interviews Christopher Hitchens

February 26, 2010

Feb 1, 2010. Christopher Hitchens on Boston Talks. He talks to Michael Graham about George Galloways visit to Boston, Barack Obama, Iran and Sarah Palin. Link to George Galloway protesters on YT. (1/2) (2/2) Listen/Download mp3 file here.

TimesTalks with Christopher Hitchens, Noah Feldman, Mark Lilla

February 24, 2010

The Times Center, 2008. NYT: TimesTalks with (from left to right) moderator James Traub, Christopher Hitchens, Noah Feldman, Mark Lilla. Topic: What we believe. They discuss religion in American politics, home schooling, secular vs religious morality, Islam and the "clash of civilizations", with a Q&A at the end. (1/8) (2/8) (3/8) (4/8) (5/8) (6/8) (7/8) (8/8) Listen/Download mp3 file here.

Christopher Hitchens on George Orwell's 1984

February 21, 2010

June 8, 2009. Christopher Hitchens on NPR: Talk of the Nation. (1/2) (2/2) Listen/Download the mp3 file here.

Hitchens in Lisbon, Feb 18, 2010.

via AtrailOfHoney

After Words with George Packer on Book TV

February 20, 2010

Christopher Hitchens hosts After Words and talks to George Packer. Subject: George Orwell Aired: Feb 19, 2010 Watch it here.

Hitchens on Thomas Jefferson, KQED Radio

February 19, 2010

June 06, 2005. Michael Krasny talks to writer Christopher Hitchens about his book "Thomas Jefferson: Author of America." (1/5) (2/5) (3/5) (4/5) (5/5)

Hitchens on The Phil Hendrie Show, 2009

February 17, 2010

Hitchens talked to Phil Hendrie on June 15, 2009. http://newphilhendrieshow.com/ (1/2) (2/2)

Hitchens on Salman Rushdie's fatwa, BBC, Feb 12.

February 15, 2010

21 years ago the Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa calling on Muslims to kill Salman Rushdie, because of his novel Satanic Verses. He immediately went into hiding, but his friends, like Christopher Hitchens, were able to stay in touch.

Hitchens on FTR, Feb 13, 2010

February 14, 2010

Hitchens interviewed on Freethought Radio by Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor. (1/2) (2/2)

Hitchens on Book Expo America, 2007

Jeffery L. Sheler interviewed Hitchens on the Upfront and Unscripted program. (1/3) (2/3) (3/3)

A Dinner with Christopher Hitchens

February 13, 2010

After his January lecture for Literary Arts, a dinner at Bluehour organized by Portland Monthly, Portlanders learned that Hitchens’s swashbuckling stage persona is actually his soft side. Audio & Transcript here.

Christopher Hitchens on Little Atoms

During the Oxford Literary Festival 2007, Christopher Hitchens was interviewed by Neil Denny and Padraig Reidy. (1/6) (2/6) (3/6) (4/6) (5/6) (6/6)

Global Citizen: Christopher Hitchens

February 12, 2010

CH on Common Ground Radio. Listen to the interview here.

Michael Krasny interviews Christopher Hitchens on KQED Radio

Dec 31, 2007. Hitchens on the Forum with Michael Krasny. (1/5) (2/5) (3/5) (4/5) (5/5)

Hitchens on WHYY, 2007.

February 11, 2010

Hitchens talks to Marty Moss-Coane. (1/5) (2/5) (3/5) (4/5) (5/5)

Hitchens on Freethought Radio, 2007

February 9, 2010

(1/2) (2/2)

Christopher Hitchens on KQED Radio, 2007

February 8, 2010

May 24, 2007. Hitchens discusses religion and politics on Forum with Michael Krasny. (1/5) (2/5) (3/5) (4/5) (5/5)

Christopher Hitchens on ABC Radio National, 2007

February 6, 2010

Hitchens on Late Night Live with Phillip Adams. (1/6) (2/6) (3/6) (4/6) (5/6) (6/6)

Freedom of Expression Debate

February 4, 2010

Intelligence Squared U.S. New York City, Oct. 18, 2006. Six journalists, professors and activists gathered to debate the proposition, "Freedom of expression must include the right to offend." For the Motion: Philip Gourevitch, Signe Wilkinson, Christopher Hitchens (Top row, left to right) Against the Motion: Daisy Khan, David Cesarani, Mari Matsuda (Bottom row, left to right) (1/11) (2/11) (3/11) (4/11) (5/11) (6/11) (7/11) (8/11) (9/11) (10/11) (11/11)


February 2007

Martin Amis discusses the mild anti-semitism of his own father, and gives his thoughts on Israel. He reads from Saul Bellow’s book on Israel, and suggests that there is a great deal of anxiety among Jews about the future of Israel. Christopher Hitchens, who only discovered he was Jewish in 1989, talks about the place of Judaism in history: about Voltaire, suspicion, Israel, and the Jewish diaspora. Martin Amis then discusses the Jewish concept of manhood, before going on to contemplate the effect of 9/11 on the Jewish community. Hitchens then touches on some moments that betray a prejudice against Jews that still lingers even after the Holocaust, including the claims made in America in 1989 that Jewish doctors were deliberately injecting black babies with Aids. He suggest that pejudice against Jews is different from other kinds, because it takes a pseudo-intellectual, as opposed to superficial and ignorant form. Amis then seeks to define the actual concept of anti-semitism, before Hitchens considers the perception of Jews as masters of finance

Watch video here (intelligencesquared.com)

Hitchens on The Pete Wilson Program

February 3, 2010

(1/4) Hitchens interviewed by Pete Wilson on KGO in 2007 (2/4) (3/4) (4/4)

Hitchens on The Brian Lehrer Show

February 2, 2010

(1/4) Tuesday, May 08, 2007. Christopher Hitchens answers questions from callers on The Brian Lehrer Show. (2/4) (3/4) (4/4)

Hitchens Vs. Chris Hedges on Religion - Part 1/4

February 1, 2010

This debate between author and commentator Christopher Hitchens and journalist Chris Hedges focuses on religion, and was entitled "Is God Great?" It took place in Berkeley, California on May 24, 2007. Part 1 of 4

Hitchens on Nashville's Morning News, 2007


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir