The Sad Case of Christopher Hitchens's Hero-worshippers

November 3, 2010

By Peter Hitchens

"It's amusing, if frustrating, to see the response of dogmatic unbelievers to my brother's thoughtful and generous remarks. It is clear that many of them find such thoughtfulness and generosity repugnant in their hero (and some of these contributions are embarrassing in their sycophancy). They would much prefer him not to have said this."

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The Skeptic's Skeptic

In the battle for ideas, scientists could learn from Christopher Hitchens.
By Michael Shermer

"Although he has no formal training in science, I would pit Hitchens against any of the purveyors of pseudoscientific clap trap because of his unique and enviable skill at peeling back the layers of an argument and cutting to its core."

Read Michael's article in Scientific American here.


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir