Pleased to be Jewish

August 11, 2010


Anonymous said...

Imbecilic. It saddens me greatly that even this man, even this great freethinker, even this great slayer of unthinking group identities, has finally fallen neath the thralls of facile nationalism.

That he's been taken in by such easy confirmation bias makes it even more disgusting. This can easily be proved: on his own world view, Einstein has very little influence and is referenced little in his work. Darwin, by contrast, is far more prominent in Hitchens' writing; but as he's not Jewish, he has been ignored. Even Steven bloody Hawking is mentioned more in God Is Not Great. Secondly, that three of the great influences on modern thought - I'd be cautious in including Freud, mind - were secular Jews attests only to an apparent tendency to be in the élite and to be good at getting their ideas propagated. All this self-indulgent nonsense on stilts about being the great rationalists taking down the edifice of human stupidity, of not drinking so as not to dull the pain, is but a return to the alluring national ego-wanking that should have been killed off in the last century. Disappointing.

HJ said...

Yeah and lets face it Marx Freud and Derrida have not really made us much smarter but have mddied the waters a lot I think.

Anonymous said...

Is the woman that appears behind him at 2:10 his wife or his daughter?


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