August 11, 2010

"The toxin of anti-Semitism isn't a threat only to Jews".

Christopher's article on anti-Semitism in the September issue of Atlantic Magazine. Read it here.


Included in the article are 4 videos of Jeffrey Goldberg's interview with Hitchens and Martin Amis. 
(Posted below).


HJ said...

Have a look in here for an other Hitchens vidoe!

Tom said...

Great, thanks HJ

FGFM said...

Funny how Hitchens never has much to say about anti-Muslim bigotry. Even in the case of the "Ground Zero Mosque," he delivers sort of a back-handed defense telling people not to be like Muslims.

HJ said...

Peoepl can choose to be Muslims. Or at least it would be nice if they could. Hitchens problem is Islamic fundamantalism!

Now many people choose not to be of the Jewish relgion but that doesn't mean they are safe from people who hate Jews. Some people will hate atheist Jews or Christian Jews or other kinds of Jews just because they are Jews and not because of that persons beliefs.

That's a big difference!


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir