An afterword to the life of Christopher Hitchens

October 15, 2012

Carol Blue, Christopher Hitchens' widow, talks about his legacy, his illness and life without him.

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Anonymous said...

So Christopher Hitchens drank 2 bottles of whiskey in the interviewers presence
Hitchens also smoked 50 cigarettes per day

A great hero for atheism-drink and smoke yourself to a very painful early death-great

Tara said...

The reason why Christopher smoked and drank so much, finally revealed:

He pitied his relentless attackers.

They couldn't match him on logic and facts about religion, not by a long shot, not while he lived, and not afterwards. And he wanted them to save face; but how to engineer that???

Aha! By smoking, drinking, and sometimes using uncouth language, he was generously donating opportunities for ad hominem attacks.

Yeah, even those who need their fingers to do arithmetic can easily come up with ad hominem 'arguments.'

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs.Blue, thanks so much for sharing memories with your husband's
Countless reader fans. We feel as if we knew him.


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir