Christopher Hitchens on Latest Book: 'Might Be My Very Last'

August 25, 2011

Prolific writer and political journalist Christopher Hitchens will release a new book this September titled Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens. The first new book of essays since 2004, Arguably features a collection of essays previously written for Vanity Fair – of which he is a contributing editor – Slate, The Atlantic, and The New York Times.

Some titles include: “God of Our Fathers: The United States of Enlightenment”; “America the Banana Republic”; “Why Women Aren’t Funny”; “First, Silence the Whistle-Blower”; “Iran’s Waiting Game”; “Easter Charade”; “Words Matter”; and “Wine Drinkers of the World, Unite.”

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natpash said...

I wonder what's going on with Hitch these days. No further news since he reported receiving a better suited bought of chemo. He has even had radiotherapy this year. There have been no further comments in terms of physical health progression or further decline, at least not since we learned he lost his voice, though he has since gained it back, he did after all manage a recent (ish) debate via web cam. I'm sure he wasn't sitting there with something similar to Stephen Hawkins’ mechanical voice. I suppose - no one knows.

Solly said...

I wish I had have ordered Arguably with express international post. Amazon says it wont be arriving until October sometime. Nevermind. Can't wait to see Hitchens at Think Inc.

Anonymous said...

Like he said himself , he is in stage 4 of stomach cancer, and there is no stage 5 .
He is a fighter and I admire his intellectual honesty .
If only our world had more people of his calibre .
Mr.Hitchens,you have opened up my eyes to the fallacies of man made idols , and I will forever be thankful for standing up to the religious bigots ,and slapping it in their face .
You will be remembered forever as one of the greatest intellectual , scholar , thinker , and above all debater , this side of sheer intelligence .
If there ever was one sentence that that could ever encompass what you mean to me, it probably would be that of your friend and fellow atheist Richard Dawkins . " If you are a religious apologist invited to debate Christopher Hitchens : decline " .
Thank you .
There is nothing left, in the words of Robert Smith .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Actually, he has esophageal cancer.

Anonymous said...

The fact he's still writing shows he can't be THAT bad.

Tyler said...

Interesting comment made about the shipping time...I just canceled my order because Amazon estimated a delivery date of October 12. The hell with that, I'll pay and get it locally.

natpash said...

Yes indeed, regarding stage 4 cancer, 'there is no stage 5.' And with regards his oesophageal cancer (not stomach cancer), he is indeed in 'something of a cancer elite.' However, Christopher Hitchens hadn't written himself off, and has on a number of occasions talked about being hopeful (who wouldn't?) of remission, in light of certain attention his treatment was receiving. As such, tailor made chemo made possible by the input of Francis Collins (Human genome project). Even here, in this article, Hitch said that at the time of starting the book 'Arguably' that he thought it might be his last, he was however talking retrospectively. Almost at the brink of death (at least in feeling) on a number of occasions, we have still seen Hitch engage in a number of debates, interviews, etc. Since writing about his loss of voice he did debate via satellite link - Hitchens vs Brummett - pictures from which show further growth in hair, made possible by the better suited chemo treatment he has been recieving. Maybe he's just prolonging the grim inevitable, clinging desperately to a gasping, failing existence, but he may still be optimistic in terms of remission, etc, and why not?

Anonymous said...

Sad...wanted to read that book he was writing on the Ten Commandments. Love how he analyzes those!

Joe Romel said...

I don't know if the more recent articles are really new or just written ahead of time, but I can only take his recent otherwise altogether disappearance from the world in terms of updates and progress reports to be a bad thing.

In terminal illness, naturally, there always seems to be a period of silence from the party just before the end. A calm before the storm. Whether that silence in a few weeks or a few months, when the ill get too weak to make public appearances or too sick to get out of bed, whoever it is updating those who care simply stop updating and start making their peace.

I certainly hope this isn't the case, as I am a huge Hitchens fan, and feel terrible that I've only come to know who he is in the last few short years. There's still so much of him I have to read and watch that I'd hate to do so knowing that there is an absolute end to the great work.


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir