American Inaction Favors Qaddafi

March 7, 2011

The administration's inadequate response to the crisis in Libya reveals a lack of courage and principle.

By Christopher Hitchens

"Our common speech contains numberless verbs with which to describe the infliction of violence or cruelty or brutality on others. It only really contains one common verb that describes the effect of violence or cruelty or brutality on those who, rather than suffering from it, inflict it. That verb is the verb to brutalize"
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DirtyDonki said...

I don't understand WTF we have to get involved in the affairs of other countries. It's none of our damned business.

One minute Qaddafi is flavour of the month & now suddenly everyone wants him out and what's even more suspicious is how all of a sudden an uprising, so well supported and well organised, conveniently rears its head.

The whole Libya thing stinks to high heaven as did Iraq & Afghanistan.

Lcarlej said...

Dear Mr. Hitchens, You goad me to rectify my ignorance with each of your columns and books. You goad me to think critically and to question what I take for granted. You goad me to communicate with and about the people who represent my interests in government. You goad me to consider the weight and possibilities of the spoken and written word. I am never comfortable in the presence of your writing. I am grateful for the challenges that your words have created.


Lisa Johnson

Lynne Maune said...

Your unique and always spot on observances are appreciated. Even if one doesn't always agree with you, one MUST hold you in the highest regard.

Dear Sir, I'm sorry for your illness, but I hope you're feeling better today. I have only one question...have you tried / read either of these?...


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir