Hitchens vs. Blair: Be it resolved that religion is a force of good in the world [Paperback]

January 28, 2011

By Christopher Hitchens, Tony Blair

From The Publisher:
Hitchens vs. Blair is the highly anticipated volume featuring two of the world''s most powerful and charismatic speakers on the controversial topic of religion.

Format: Trade Paperback, 112 Pages
Published: February 26, 2011
Publisher: House Of Anansi Press Inc
The following ISBNs are associated with this title: ISBN - 10:1770890084 ISBN - 13:9781770890084

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Allah said...

I'm not sure if I get it. They're selling a transcript of the Munk debate?

MattHunX said...

It's been resolved.

Religion does some good in the world, but it is nothing compared to the harm it causes and have caused. And will cause.

Sarah said...

Can you prove this or the opposite for that matter in a scientific and verifiable way? Are there any quantitative studies that support your argument or the opponent's?
None whatsoever.
No more cherry picking please. Admit ignorance on the matter and move on.

Rich said...

From the product description:

"First debated in 2010 and now available in print form for the first time, the book includes candid interviews post-debate interviews with Hitchens and Blair."

Mark G said...

Are any of you suckers going to buy this?

I guess this is the latest book Hitchens just finished "writing"...

HJ said...

Are any of you suckers going to buy this?

Yeah, I defintiely don't want to buy this. I think it looks a bit desperate to publish any old junk like this although obviously I can't blame Mr Hitchens for trying to shift as many units as possible in the time he has remaining if he wants to provide for his family after he's gone.

It's a bit of a shame that all of his opponents in debates recently have been such wet blouses.

I mean look at these:

Rabbi Shmuely Boteach: Rubbish!

Tariq Ramadan: Rubbish!

Tony Blair: Rubbish!

They all conceded from teh very beginning and wilted in such a pitiable manner that I can't believe that any of them actually believe in Judaism, Islam or Catholicism respectively. It is almost as if they agreed from the start that they were there to defend daft propositions and asked to be excused so they could talk about something else. They didn't even give Hitchens the pleasure of a decent scrap but rather turned up sitting in a barrel, handed Hitchens teh bludnerbus and said "Shoot me now!"

HJ said...

Hey Sarah, your kinda hot! Not as hot as the moderator in the Shmuely vs. Hitch debate but hot anyway.

Anonymous said...

Or just go here: http://hitchensdebates.blogspot.com/

swadian rhoden said...

this doesn't explain anything good to me,gosh


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