Submit your own personal story about how Christopher Hitchens has impacted your life

January 26, 2011

The Think Atheist Foundation invites you to submit your own personal story about how Christopher Hitchens has impacted your life.
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Anonymous said...

Will Mr. Hitchens actually read these stories?

Tom said...

Anonymous said...

The first time I ran across Hitchens was quite some time ago, late 80's I'm pretty sure. I was channel surfing and stopped at a televised debate of a man with a British accent, who I'd never heard of, and the son of Tom Metzger (can't remember the son's name) ... I never forgot one particular exchange, the Metzger son sneering something, "Haha that's pretty low even for you Hitchens!" as Hitchens quickly returned, "Well you're pretty low on the food chain if it comes to that!" Wish I could find that vid! Sadly, I didn't discover Hitchens again until I recognized him in a David Horowitz article, and as I was reading I discovered that Hitchens supported the war for the same reasons I did, from a Left legal and humanitarian perspective. I felt it in my gut, but Hitchens nailed it into words for me. I knew the real story was somewhere to the Right of the anti-war Left. Happily reunited, I've been reading Christopher ever since and met and had photos with him in Birmingham Alabama at the Lennox debate.


Anonymous said...

@Nyomythus,I enjoyed your story, thanks for that:):)

It's so nice to come across someone of whom you think: wow, that guy thinks the way I do, but he expresses the thought about a bazillion times more eloquently and forcefully than I could...Hitchens in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

Hitch's brilliance and intellect make him an irresistible proponent of aetheism and antitheism.
I became a free thinking aetheist thanks to Hitch and love listening to his debates where he wipes the floor with every religious weakling he goes against out there
I particularly loved his eulogy of Falwell and how he embarassed Sean Hannity
I only wish he had a chance to destroy Palin, Ingraham and Beck, which he could do in one sitting with all three

HJ said...

I became a free thinking aetheist thanks to Hitch

"Yes, we're all individuals!!"

Anonymous said...

I first heard of Hitchens after I returned home from Iraq. I had written a letter to my Dad telling him that I had finally read the Bible front to back, also the Book of Mormon and the Koran. When he asked me what I thought I said that they were good fairy-tales. He sent me out a copy of the God Delusion and because of Richard Dawkin's work I eventually came across Christopher Hitchens. Since then I'm always quoting his work for my college papers and I can't put down his books or his articles. For an opinion on a hot topic I always turn to Hitchens first. I hope he will stick around for a while.


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir