Hitchens on CNN, Aug 5, 2010.

August 6, 2010

Anderson Cooper's interview with Christopher Hitchens on his cancer diagnosis.


John said...

Christopher is one of the most intelligent philosophical men of our time. Hearing him speak is music. I wish him the best, good luck Hitch. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Erin said...

As a Christian I must say that Christopher is one of the most down-to-earth, intelligent men I've ever heard speaking. He is very frank about what he says but he is also very considerate.

I pray for his recovery, even if I know he won't see it as useful, because I truly care that this man get better.

Best of luck, Christopher. Godspeed.

Unknown said...

cool, take it easy, you are a great guy, death is puny thing for you,

Moreover, life and death is common. so, take it easy and enjoy every moment.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I dislike the turning to god questions... if anything this should make people stronger anti-theists.
Where did the disease come in the first place? And praying for it to go away hasn't worked then perhaps (if there is some sort of god/gods) criticism and dislike of something heavenly might.

Mromson said...

I hope that Christopher Hitchens recovers.

I'm not gonna pray; because God either a) doesn't exist, or b) isn't worthy of my prayers.

Mike Bartlett said...

Lucid geniality in extremis.

HJ said...

Good to see him sound so composed and dignified. He is a good example to follow for those unbelievers like me and always has good thoughts on any subject.

I salute you, MR Hitchens!

Oh, and he gave a good explanation of what he thinks of prayers. So much for those saddoes who tried to say, "CONTRADICTION!"

HJ said...

Hay is there more of thsi interview somewhere?

Tom said...

No, that's it.

Unknown said...

This gentleman is a true Champion.

A credit+ mark to the evolution of our species.

Get well soon.

Tom said...

Apparently there's more to come after all. AC360 has this:
Check back later for an extended version of the interview.

The Wrap has this:
Later on "360," Cooper waded into what could’ve been a very awkward line of questioning. Via CNN’s transcript:

Cooper: what did you think of the court ruling yesterday in California?

Hitchens: Um, boring.

Cooper: Boring? [Laughs] Why boring?

Hitchens: Boring use of the word discrimination I thought. I can't get excited about it, I just can't. I'm not against, I sort of dislike the people who are against it but it doesn't excite me. It seems in some ways it misses the point of being gay. To say that if we can't be treated exactly as if we weren't, we would be upset, I mean there is something about that that doesn't do right by me

I couldn't find an extended transcript, only the 8:50 clip transcribed.

Tyler said...

According to AC360.com, there will be an extended version of the interview posted later...though a timeline is not given. It simply says "check back later for an extended version of the interview."

And yes, quite good. Composed, I think, was the right word that was used.

SnowStorm said...

I second that listening to Christopher speak is like listening to music. I hope he recovers and wish him the best. He's been a great inspiration to me.

More importantly, I've been wanting to pass some information on to him and not sure how to do so. It's a TED Talk by William Li, who talks about using angiogenesis to treat cancer. It's called "Can We Eat to Starve Cancer?" and can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9bDZ5-zPtY

If anybody in the know could pass it on to him, I would be much appreciated. I don't know if it would be any help, but I would kick myself if I didn't

Murph said...

Whatever happens Christopher...thank you for your contribution to making the world a more interesting place

Tom said...

SnowStorm, I forwarded the link to his aol email address. I don't know if it's a valid address, it's been circulating the internet for years but it doesn't hurt to try. One option is snail mail. His street address is on whitepages.com

2022 Columbia Rd NW, Apt 702
Washington, DC 20009-1317
(202) 387-4842

Unknown said...

If, as the religious faithful would believe, hell is the final destination for men like Christopher Hitchens, then I might rather prefer to go there too, if only for the sake of good company.

Tom said...

..then I might rather prefer to go there too, if only for the sake of good company.

Yes, to spend an eternity having drinks with CH and slagging off "Upstairs" sounds alright to me. Expect a rather big crowd at his table though.

Bonji said...

Christopher. It is an honour to live now, at the same time as yourself. What a journey this is and continues to be. Thank you for your light.

Xenophrenia said...

..then I might rather prefer to go there too, if only for the sake of good company.

Oh hell yeah ... that was always my argument - all the best people would be there ... first ones to pop into my head: Bill Hicks, George Carlin, John Lennon ... yeah good company indeed ; ).


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