'God on Trial' debate preview. Hitchens vs D'Souza.

June 16, 2010

Christopher Hitchens debated Dinesh D'Souza before a packed house of over 2,000 people in St. Louis' Powell Symphony Hall in September 2008. For the full debate DVD, visit www.fixed-point.org/


Najmund said...

Were that the highlights of D'Souza? If so, I tremble for the whole video.

"Levels of what should be".

Steve H said...

Oh no. He's not debating D'Souza again, is he? Whenever this happens, you just know what the result will be. D'Souza will come out with a string of jaw-droppingly ridiculous statements, you wait for Hitch to blow him out of the water and instead he either fixates on some tiny piece of D'Souza's argument to the exclsion of all else or he goes off at a tangent about Marx or Philip Larkin and D'Souza's nonsense goes unchallenged.

And that's without even mentioning Hitch's weird habit of declaring D'Souza to be the most brilliant opponent he's ever faced. A ten year old could destroy D'Souza's arguments. Maybe Hitch would get around to it if he'd leave off the ten year old stuff himself.

Anonymous said...

Hitchens has canceled both Raleigh and Atlanta. Hope he's OK.

Tom said...

A link to the Atlanta cancellation??

Anonymous said...

I hope he's OK

Anonymous said...

I havent watched the debate. But i can guess that Dinesh said the following things.
1 "As Churchill said in the Boer war, its nice to be shot at without result"
2 "Like the mosquito in the nudist colony, i dont know where to start".
3 Many many nonsensical analogies for which he changes his voice

StovePype said...

It's rather obvious at this stage that Hitchens and D'Souza have a business agreement for this touring show.

Contrast the manner in which Hitchens chose to respond to Widdecome and assorted other rambling apologists.

It's all a bit disingenous if you ask me.


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