TimesTalks with Christopher Hitchens, Noah Feldman, Mark Lilla

February 24, 2010

The Times Center, 2008. NYT: TimesTalks with (from left to right) moderator James Traub, Christopher Hitchens, Noah Feldman, Mark Lilla. Topic: What we believe. They discuss religion in American politics, home schooling, secular vs religious morality, Islam and the "clash of civilizations", with a Q&A at the end. (1/8) (2/8) (3/8) (4/8) (5/8) (6/8) (7/8) (8/8) Listen/Download mp3 file here.


ManUWins said...

When we say a country is a muslim country we mean a very different thing then when people falsely call the United States a christian country.

Part 6, he obviously wasn't paying attention to what Hitch was saying. Islams plagiarism of christianity and judaism has the same meaning and point of being influenced by those religions and traditions. Hitch did not say that Islam took every bad thing from Christianity and Judaism only that Islam took plenty of the bad stuff. Seriously are you listening when other people are talking, he's taking objection where there is no objection. Hitch paid no comment in the minor amount of time he spoke about what else the Koran or Bible have written in them, surely to do so would take immense amounts of time. He is now taking objection with something no one has paid comment to.

The first thing one must learn, when debating or having an intelligent conversation, is to listen.


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir