Carol Blue answers questions

November 18, 2012

Carol Blue, the widow of author Christopher Hitchens, answered viewer questions submitted via Twitter, Facebook.

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Anonymous said...


This is a wonderful website, thanks for all your work.
The first anniversary of his death is coming up so I imagine there will be a flurry of articles about that.

When do you propose to close this site?
Will it be left up, but not active?
I haven't finished exploring all that is in here.

Thanks again. Are donations still needed?


Tom said...

Thanks for your kind words, Eve.
I'm sure I'll stop posting soon, perhaps at the end of this month. This site will stay online as an archive but more on this later.

Chris Bell said...

I agree. I visit this site most days looking for updates and when one appears my heart skips a beat!

Please do try and keep this site available, it is VERY much appreciated.

If we can help, do let us know...

Anonymous said...

What Chris Bell said.

If a live site on the Hitch did not exist, one would have to be invented. And this one already exists and is of high quality!

Thanks much for having managed it up to now, and please continue if you can.

Anonymous said...

I discovered Mr Hitchens via a youtubed Stephen Fry. I devoured the debates and books in equal measure, all the while lamenting the loss only a few months earlier of such an inspirational mammal.

I've enjoyed my time here and offer my graitude and appreciation.

Darren, Cornwall UK

Glen said...

I miss Christopher Hitchens and I never knew him, I wish I did though. I would like to see another person as credible as him fight the Secular cause, I wonder who it will be

Unknown said...

This man fulfilled his life's purpose as stated by him. To be free and to show other people freedom. (i can't recall the exact quote but it was response to the question of the meaning of life). Questions Christopher tackled, from the public eye, quite frequently. We obviously can not and should not have an eye intimately fixated. Meaning i do not claim to know him personally. I only claim to have listened to a great speaker and an even greater proponent of free thinking. My life is better having listened and forced to think by who, I would call, a great man.


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir