Birthday, Memorial and a Tribute

April 13, 2012

It's April 13th. Some want to call it Christopher Hitchens Day. I agree with Staks Rosch: "While some atheists will be raising a glass of Johnny Walk Black in his honor, I think the time for that solute is over. Now is the time to share his wit and wisdom with others in celebration of his life. So pick up your copy of God Is Not Great or your Quotable Hitchens and share a quote or three on your social networks and with your friends and family on his birthday. Read more (
Then again, why not do both?

There's also a Hitch day facebook event

Ephraim Hardcastle asks "What would Christoper Hitchens make of his Vanity Fair memorial arrangements?" It's an invitation-only event at Cooper Union school in New York, on April 20.
Read more:

Then we have the PEN World Voices Festival, New York City, with a Christopher Hitchens tribute on Monday, April 30.
With Graydon Carter, Victor S. Navasky, George Packer, and Katha Pollit. Moderated by Ian Buruma.

No word yet on a possible London, UK memorial.


Anonymous said...

The Ephraim Hardcastle paragraph seems a bit snarky without knowing further details...I mean maybe there just wasn't enough room for everyone and they wanted to make sure people who actually knew the man got in? Or maybe they actually were trying to exclude the hoi polloi...without actual evidence or more info, however, I'm going for the "snarky" theory.

Anonymous said...

All such celebrations are for the living... I don't believe Christopher would mind the living celebrating anything or anyone (worth celebrating of course).

Nick Barnes said...

Katha Pollit is going to be on the panel at the PEN event? How ridiculous.

Aristo said...

Any word yet on a PUBLIC memorial event for Hitch??


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir