New Statesman Christmas Issue

December 9, 2011

"Richard Dawkins has contributed an essay, written the New Statesman leader column, and travelled to Texas to conduct an exclusive interview with the author and journalist Christopher Hitchens. They discuss religious fundamentalism, US politics, Tony Blair, abortion and Christmas."


Unknown said...

"The political theorist Alan Ryan has written on Barack Obama. . ."

She crawled out of her grave?

Mary said...

Do any know if the Newstatesman is sold in Canada?

Mary said...

Can one purchase the Newstatesman in Canada?

"She" crawled out of her grave? Cz, I don't wish to quarrel, so don't misunderstand what I say. Now there's at least a reasonable chance that the person whom you're quoting (not hitchens) was truly idiotic enough to think that Ayn Rand was still alive, that she wrote about barrack obama, after which john/jane doe got Rand's gender wrong; and her name. I sort of doubt it though.

Conclusion: If you're attempting to engage in smug mode as Robert Llewellyn might say, then you'd better remember the gender of any given famous person when you're right in the middle of you're frightfully witty put-down. Otherwise, you will appear equally stupid, if not more.

"Reason is the slave of the passions" David Hume

George Eaton said...

You can buy single copies here (scroll down):

I almost forgot to mention, there is a social commentator named alan ryan, aged about 71. He operates at this point in comparative obscurity. He certainly might've commented on obama in the positive or negative. This zimny did not take into account. However, Ryan isn't dead, so that would still make zimny's comment ridiculous. In a way it makes it even more ridiculous.

"Words are wise men's counters, but they are the money of fools" Thomas Hobbes


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir