'The consummate writer, the brilliant friend'

December 17, 2011

By Ian McEwan

The place where Christopher Hitchens spent his last few weeks was hardly bookish, but he made it his own. Close to downtown Houston, Texas is the medical centre, a cluster of high-rises like La Défense of Paris, or the City of London, a financial district of a sort, where the common currency is illness. This complex is one of the world's great concentrations of medical expertise and technology.

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Álvaro Miguel said...

Calm in your talking and
Heroic were your opinions, because
Respect you show to the truth
Instead the false idols of the
Society, religion or "intellectuals"
To be careful to the Fundamentalists
Of Atheists or believers, that
Political Ponerology who is a
Hazard to the humans in our planet
Empty will be our world without you
Rest in peace, live in our memories, true guide of us.

Duncan Evans said...

Duncan says

Here is a grand, rumbling man who
Instead of an easy ride and slack contentment
Told discomfort, told truth, to
Chanting powers drenched in satisfaction, and spat
Hatred towards those who deserve it:
Evil men who tell lies, utilise power-drills and genocide.
No more this grand, rumbling man; but always burns his crystal


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir