What Will They Think of Next?

October 24, 2011

Why the crazy Iranian plot to pay Mexicans to kill the Saudi ambassador isn’t so implausible.
By Christopher Hitchens

There may conceivably be a reason to doubt the truth of the Obama administration’s claim that the “Quds Force” of the Islamic Republic of Iran went into the free market for murder in order to suborn the killing of the Saudi ambassador to the United States. But neither the apparently surreal nor the apparently flagrant nature of the thing would constitute such reasons.

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sasss31 said...

Thank You Christopher Hitchens for standing with the Iranian people time and time again. This messianic, apocalyptic, and illegal terrorist regime occupying our homeland has been killing dissidents overseas since its inception. The international community must stand side-by-side with the Iranian people in getting rid of this regime - and I feel quite optimistic that now NATO is freed up that Assad and Khamenei are soon to be followed... Iranians will rise once again - most probably during their next round of fake elections in less than 2-years - I hope Obama has learned from his mistakes in 2009 by remaining silent in the face of terror by this regime - this regime is a regime of the "hidden imam" ideology in which 2/3rd of humanity must die as a prerequisite to their sick beliefs. Not only do the Iranian people need the free world to stand with them, but humanity does. This regime poses the gravest threat to humanity in the 21st century. "Mutually assured destruction" will be no deterrent to these madmen.. .after-all, this is a regime that consists of such sick madmen that they rape our young sisters before executing them so that "they don't go straight to heaven" - to "deny this" to them too in their sick and twisted minds..


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir