Anatomy of a Scandal

June 6, 2011

How Anthony Weiner and John Edwards lost control of their private parts.
By Christopher Hitchens

"In one of the routines from his heyday, Richard Pryor would enact the anguish experienced by a man who cannot get his male organ to rise. In this redefinition of the whole concept of standup, he ended by practically seizing the torpid member by the throat, howling plaintively, and demanding to know, "Whose dick is this?"

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Anonymous said...

It appears that our politicians
think with parts considerably lower than their brains.
Perhaps they lack the intellect to make it in the real world and retreat to politics, a haven for "good old boys will be boys". Scares me to death!

Anonymous said...

plEASE christopher hictchens realize that not the public figures are running your country, but bankers
and 911 was their way of imposing new dictatorship laws
look at the free fall speed in the official report

Tom said...


Ah, yes... "bankers".

Here's a deal: if you mean Jews, just say Jews, so at least we all know where we stand. Or even better, take your odious conspiracy theories elsewhere.

Karen Olsen said...

Hitch must have had fun writing this one! It came along just when I really needed a good laugh. Think I'll send the link for it to my Mom as a late birthday present...

--Karen Olsen
Seattle, WA

Greggory Wood said...

Stow your meat before you tweet

Anonymous said...

The trouble isn't sexting or getting in bed with women, the trouble is getting bed with wall street:

StefanC said...

English people are funny. Who does -really - give a shit about someone else's cock?

StefanC said...

One strand of liberals and conservatives abhor "the natural" and the "physical". The rest of us just don't give a f**k.

Why is this?

There are at least two reasons; rejecting human nature gives your idea more rigor (since it is entirely based on logic), and, if your idea of human nature is also un-coupled from emotions and the natural, you have a perfect construction. Kind of like an a-priori idea.

Congressman Weiner (perfect name by the way) is apparently quite intelligent and also perfectly fallible. His particular make-up is one of ideas and emotions in combination, just like any other human on the planet (including Roger Moore).

I am in fact more at ease with someone who f**ks everyone in sight than someone who f**ks no-one at all. If anything, it suggest someone who reserves his restraint to matters that matter.

If you are going to argue that I am wrong, you have to start by explaining why personal behaviour takes president over official behaviour.

Brendan James said...

I can never quite tell if posts like the above are a spam-bot or just a pretentious bore. I'm being honest, here.

Anonymous said...

"If you are going to argue that I am wrong, you have to start by explaining why personal behaviour takes president over official behaviour."

Precedent, not president.


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir