Egypt: Islamism Meets Realism

May 14, 2011

By Christopher Hitchens
FREE INQUIRY April/May 2011

 "I don’t think that a single newspaper or magazine article on Egypt has ever failed to mention the presence, in the wings of Egyptian politics, of the Muslim Brother hood. It’s one of those learned references that is de rigueur for every commentator and analyst. Yet it was notable, as both the Egyptian and the Tunisian regimes began to crumble in January, that the local branches and equivalents of the Brother hood seemed to be as thunderstruck as everyone else."

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peter said...

 "Probably the most outstanding instance of state failure on record is that of Pakistan, which attempted to make religion into the very definition of nationality and has suffered ever since from every form of regionalism and tribalism (including the secession of Bangladesh after a horrific Muslim-on-Muslim slaughter in 1971) as well as staggering corruption, deep poverty, and military dictatorship."

This seemed to me a typo, since Bangladesh is nowhere near Pakistan. But look it up and you will find that it was indeed a pakistani province called "eastern pakistan"....

One can blurt ideologies and political opinions forever, but Hitchens does the right thing in pointing out that progress and prosperity in the middle east goes hand in hand with increased secularism and the decline of religion (although it may not be true about Iraqi Kurdistan that is very religious, but happen to sit on plenty of oil).

samuel said...

 I am Egyptian, living in Egypt. Christopher is right about everything he wrote in his article !!

Get better Hitch, and then come to Egypt! We need you..the world needs you!

Your biggest fan,

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Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir