Go After Qaddafi

April 25, 2011

Stop worrying about an "exit strategy." What America needs in Libya is an entrance strategy.
By Christopher Hitchens

"The embarrassing failure of NATO's strategy with the Libyan "rebels" is easier to understand when it is contrasted with its closest parallel case, which is probably that of Kosovo."

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Jon Walks said...

Hopefully, and necessarily, many more. HOWEVER, with the sacrifice of finances and blood by China, Russia, Germany and the other head-in-the-sand, appeaser democracies.

Tired of war said...

How many more "entrances" can the declining American empire make? We are not 19th century England. We don't have the resources to fix our rotting infrastructure.

LuckeeC said...

Good for Hitch...makes Orwell shortlist...



Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir