Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris Debate Rabbis David Wolpe and Shavit Artson

February 18, 2011

Jewish Current Issues have a couple of clips from the debate. Appearantly there's more to come. Watch them here.

Landon Ross attended the debate "Is There an Afterlife?"

"Hitchens entered last, to a frenzied ovation I felt was a clear tribute to the man, and not an obligatory sympathy of any kind. My feeling is that a large portion of the crowd, if not a majority, was there to see him. That was certainly true for myself - any question of an afterlife having long been settled."
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While we're on the subject:


Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris debate intro


Anonymous said...

Was this debate not videotaped?

Anonymous said...

please do let us know once this debate has been posted in it's entirety.

Anonymous said...

when is this debate going to be made available for viewing online?

Jeffff said...

I emailed them and was assured "The event was filmed and will be available on-line at Jewish Television

B. Cronin said...

I want to seee!

Anonymous said...

It is up there already.

CarolineMediates said...

The only hitchens debate I could find on jewish tv network is an old one between just him and wolpe, on whether god exists. Anyone know how to find it?

Anonymous said...


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir