(1/8) Is There An Afterlife? Christopher Hitchens vs Shmuley Boteach

December 19, 2010

Christopher Hitchens debated Rabbi Shmuley at Cooper Union, New York on Thursday, September 16, 2010.

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Tom said...

I mirrored the videos and created another channel. Hopefully it stays on YT for a while.

HJ said...

Wathcing Shmuley rant it makes me wonder waht Hitchens is even doing "debating" this guy!

In fact, why do so many opponents try to pretend they don't even think it matters whether they are talking about a God or not? Shmuley tries to define "afterlife" as like being remembered after you die or leaving a legacy of some kind. Totally dumb and cowardly as if he has no conviction in arguing for a celestial realm. In fact he admits he has no evidence and concedes all.

I'm not surprised Hitchens says with disbelief, "I got on the shuttle for this?"

Hitchens really needs to sound out better opposition than idiots like this. Maybe he should get a debate with Yusuf Qaradawi. At least that would be fun!

HJ said...

You know what I mean, though? There all so wet and seem to even know how ridiculous their beliefs are:

Rabbi Shmuley, Tony Blair and Tariq Ramadan.

At least two of these were hyped to the max and then when they happened both of them threw in the towel in their opening address. All three of them tired to say that belief in any religion or none is no better or worse and everything is the same and all deserve equal respect. Not exactly a rining endorsement for their own beliefs.

Anonymous said...

very nice bottle opening tip at the end of the last vid.

Anonymous said...

Shmuley has to be one of the most annoying people Hitchens debates against. How and where did he learn that way of speaking?

Anonymous said...

Shmuley is horrible, inconsistent flow of logic with constant shouting annoys and more importantly takes us the audience (youtube audience) as a bunch of idiots who would believe anything and wont scrutinize it. Shame on him on making statements on Hitler being atheist and absence of war because there was a religion. Hitch should not waste his time with such opponents, once is enough.

Anonymous said...

the moderator is a babe!

Anonymous said...

50 seconds into the first vid and I am already tired from listening to Shmuley's shouting. What the hell man, you have a microphone, calm down.

Linda said...

shumley rambles incoherently. no evidence for any of his claims.

HJ said...

the moderator is a babe!

Yeah, I well like her, me.

I like the way she is so insouciant(sp?) and then she tells that retarded rabbi to "take the gloves off". I know what she means, he is so boring and irritating with his disregard for logic and argument and so cringing and submissive towards the opposition in the debate that he should never have been accepted as a debator of any issue. He's really really rubbish.

The lady moderating, though, she's special!!!

And not just special because of her looks - though that counts - but because she moderates well and gently pushes the debate forward in a non-obtrusive way.

Anonymous said...

Really? Boteach said Dawkins doesn't like children? Oh boy..


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