Miss Manners And the Big C

November 5, 2010

By Christopher Hitchens

Ever since I was felled in mid-book tour this summer, I have adored and seized all chances to play catch-up and to keep as many engagements as I can. Debating and lecturing are part of the breath of life to me, and I take deep drafts whenever and wherever possible.
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Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this article. He is so brave and honest.

HJ said...

It’s normally agreed that the question “How are you?” doesn’t put you on your oath to give a full or honest answer. So when asked these days, I tend to say something cryptic like “A bit early to say.” (If it’s the wonderful staff at my oncology clinic who inquire, I sometimes go so far as to respond, “I seem to have cancer today.”)

While Hitchens is lecturing us on how to talk to cancer sufferers I wonder if he would stop to think about those who dedicate their lives to making the lives of cancer sufferers a bit more pleasant. Does he think that this witty riposte of his is supposed to put them in stitches? Does he think they are supposed to look at the floor shame-facedly? Just what response is he expecting from those who are caring for him?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what he thinks about any of those issues you've brought up-- though I am reasonably sure that no one gives a damn about your feigned indignation.

HJ said...


"feigned indignation"!


Bwa ha Bwa ha Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

Okay, I'll do you a deal. You don't give a damn about my "feigned indignation" and I won't give a damn about your fanboy rage!



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