For Christopher Hitchens

August 27, 2010

By The Thinking Atheist


Anonymous said...

'When I have arrived at ideas on my own, I often find that you have expressed them with a bold eloquence
and an irridiation that I lack'- Well said! Get well Hitch.

Lee Statham

p.s great video.

HJ said...

Take care Mr Hitchens if you read these pages!

There's a lot of people out there who you mean a lot to so you better help them out by getting better!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up with all those bores who argue for religion and want to debate you just so they can benefit from your presence

Ivan (norway) said...

Very touching. I only hope that hitch can overcome this, allthough the prognosis is not looking too positive. Eventually we will have to deal with the demise of our heroes, and hitch is no different, i only hope that he has inspired enough people so that we get a well of new people speaking out against the tyranny of religion.

Joseph Heaton said...

Here, here! I will only add that if there is one thing that Christopher has said over the years that has, at once, arrested and inspired me it is that it matters not what one thinks but how one thinks.

To remember that is my tribute to Christopher.

scrubjay93 said...

The video is really wonderful and reflects exactly how I feel. I find myself worrying about Christopher at moments throughout the day, most often after I have checked to see if he has written anything new, and find that he has not.

To Christopher: Not only have you provided so many with a rational argument against religion, but you are also a man of great integrity who has always fought against tyranny in this world. You are indeed like a professor to many of us--I keep track of authors and works you mention in your books as if they are required reading.

Damn the cancer that has intruded upon your life. Please continue to speak your mind, as you are a truly honest man and a good example for all. Thousands and thousands of us benefit from reading your work and watching your lectures and debates. You have given so much of yourself, we hate to think of you suffering. Even if prayer is futile, we send our loving thoughts in hopes that they may help you get through this. Hang in there!

Unknown said...

I'm bawling right now... embarrasingly moist and husky...

Great video.

sligo2chicago said...

Dearest Hitch:

It's your imeediate post 9/11 speech when you hit my heart.

Before, i just loved you creating leftie literary riots and hilarious hooliganism that had upper west side new york red-diaper-babies brawling in the bookstore lobbies. o jesus you were a time-delayed funny grenade - and you'd sneak out, then watch the comic punch-ups from across the avenue, and me with you.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Hitch

Am travelling your route, a few months behind.
Looking to score all the mu-receptor loveliness there is.

We love you, and I thank you most of all for:

- your 9/11 speech

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to throw a little more love in the pot.


ziked said...

Thank you Christopher for a huge impact in lives of many of us. Thank you for an encouragement to step out.
Thank you for all direct words we were afraid to say.
Thank you for being so open to open our eyes.

You speak for all of us and this is the reason why we need you. You call things their real name with no pity or trying to be polite.

Thank you for all this and much more.

Greetings from Croatia.

Unknown said...

Mr. Hitchens!

I wanna wish you a fast recovery from your illness, I know how strong you are, because you made
me stronger thanks to your devotion, wittiness and caring for
all of us who been screwed up for so long for so many genarations.

With great Admiration from
Jerusalem, Israel.

FGFM said...

"I'll be glad when you're dead, you rascal you!"

Anonymous said...

You've been a mentor and provided a strong intellectual foundation. Thank you.


Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir