The Best American Essays 2010

July 29, 2010

The author event has been cancelled by publisher.

Christopher is 'The Best American Essays 2010' guest editor. Scroll down the page to pre-order a copy from amazon. An author event is scheduled for October 13, 2010 at Barnes & Nobles, Union Square, New York.

Publishing date: October 5, 2010.


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed that CH will be feeling better and will be able to make the October date. And on a more trivial note, the HW people have finally committed a Fonzie (jumped the shark...) They are defending a woman beating, racist holocaust denier just because Hitchens denounces him.

Anonymous said...

It's not about defending Mel Gibson, so much as thinly-disguised Jew-baiting.

FGFM said...

You clowns are reduced to watching us, I see.

Anonymous said...

More like rubbernecking a wreck on the interstate than "watching"

Besides, after the spanking you creepies got from PZ, I'd think you'd be trying to find someone else to stalk...

Anonymous said...

You clowns are reduced to watching us, I see.

I can't believe you post your circle-jerks on the Internet!

Rakhmetov said...

You clowns are reduced to watching us, I see.

Indeed, funny how they keep going out of their way to bring us up if we're so irrelevant. But then so has Hitch himself.

Besides, after the spanking you creepies got from PZ,

Actually, quite the other way around. I still like Myers, but he had to be called out for that glib post where he bizarrely, being a leading Neoatheist blogger and all, didn't seem to think there could be anything wrong with praying.

publius said...

Can we crack the code?

Here's what the computer's come up with so far:

Fat Git Fights Mommy

Forbidden Gel Feels Mmmmm

Furry Guy Farts Marshmallows

Freddy Gonzalez For Manager

Fellow Got F-cked Miserable

Fondle Grueter Fluff Mark

Feed Greywolf Flaming Mossad

Feel Great For Marxism

Fetish Goes Fantastic, Man

Forlorn Ghoul's Feet Meet

Foolish Girl Friended Me

Beat the computer! Come up with your own!

Xenophrenia said...

I see the trolls are out to play again ... jeez ... can all just grow up? Thanks.

publius said...

Feckless Gout Filled Michigan(Ave)-er

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FGFM said...

Fenian Ghouls For Me!

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Christopher reads from Hitch-22: A Memoir