Jessica Mitford interviewed by Christopher Hitchens

April 22, 2010

Jessica Lucy Freeman-Mitford (1917 – 1996) was an English author, journalist and political campaigner, here interviewed by Christopher Hitchens at the New York Public Library in 1988

 The New York Public Library - Jessica Mitford: Interviewed by Christopher Hitchens .mp3
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Duration: 01:00:53


Tom (DH) said...

CH is not the worst interviewer I've heard and there's also some good humor in this interview.

Anonymous said...

That was absolutely charming. You can actually hear CH *giggling*.

FuckTheCIA said...

Hitchens's technique was very satisfying. He posed questions as if tossing kindling on an already burgeoning flicker, then stood back and let the flames roar; the antithesis of, say, Charlie Rose, who essentially interviews himself, and occasionally takes a breath into which rift his guest is able to shoehorn a few syllables.


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